Brand New! ‘Alingo’ by P Square (Music Video)

Hot new video alert!!
The choreography in this video is something else! If you’ve never seen them in concert, this is just a taster of how mad they can get  with their dance moves. Looks like the ‘Alingo’ is another dance move I’ve gotta learn – Peter, Paul will you teach me??


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What do you think??


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    12 Responses to “Brand New! ‘Alingo’ by P Square (Music Video)”

    1. Joggy says:

      Increbible video… I didnt expect anything less than this. keep it up lads.

    2. alaka jeleel says:

      Am loving dis

    3. tinuade says:

      OMG!! That video is totally off da hook!! I was watching it and could not stop dancing. Psquare is just the best in this business. Keep it up y’all and happy birthday. God bless you real gud.

    4. khadija says:


    5. Waanemi says:

      omo this dance no easy o, too much energy

    6. @ellyote says:

      i think… the costume dat peter was wearing made him look he was flexing his HIPS,lol….and could dat car scene be anymore raunchy! electrifying choreography tho…

    7. emmasco john says:

      u realy made it,with de danco ,music everything
      u guys are too moch p square

    8. I luv de whole staff…hot one..big up

    9. KASSIE says:

      it’s just amazing Peter dance with a lot of energy so people can just dance when they had heard this song it’s a real succes. just keep on what will be next alingo

    10. C£rV!k says:

      Exactly as expected…always reping 9ja nd africa inter10ment @ large…P square na P square,Usher na Usher…bigupz homies…ma superstars….gud moves

    11. mummy says:

      This a dope track nd I love it,ur rock p-squred

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